Brincat Pianos

Purchase Options

Short Term Rental

We offer short term period rentals and special occasions. 

Rental Purchase Scheme

Our rental purchase option makes it possible for you to have a piano to practice and play in your home for a 6 month trial period.

After the 6 months have elapsed you can purchase the piano you rented or an alternative piano. 

You can also rent the piano for 12 months, and still the first six months will be refunded, if you decide to purchase the piano (new or second-hand).

This applies only for a period of 6 months or more.

Trade-Up (Upgrade your Piano)

Should you wish to upgrade or downgrade your piano, you can exchange it for any other piano in our stock, and we will give you the current market value for your old piano.


Delivery for new pianos is free of charge up to ground floor only. 

Delivery for second hand pianos and rental pianos is to be paid on delivery.

International shipping arrangements can also be made.

  • Purchase Options

  • Purchase Options